Andrew Consoli is back with this original single. Written between Montreal and London, GO is the third collaboration with Canadian artist Wes Walls.
This is a vocal driven track with a strong radio feel, with one-of-a-kind Andrew Consoli uplifting synths, catchy melody and powerful bassline.
A must-drop tune for your euphoric crowd.



We are very proud to announce the launch of our new sub label D3 Music

D3 Music is a new sub-label of Dominium Recordings group. D3 stands for "Dominium Digital Distribution".

Dominium Recording has a professional and genuine image among labels, djs, and fans. D3 Music strongly follow this course of conduct.

As the other Dominium label, D3 Music targets unsigned artists with top quality production. However, D3 Music endeavours to sign the best production submission to cover alternative genres, out of Funkytronik, Monochrom, Downstreet and Dominium genre ranges, as a communication budget will be allocated to this release.

D3 Music offers proper label services, such as licensing, publishing, promotion, artist development, with a lot of dedication to young artists, that may be future famous talents. It is an authentic entity of Dominium Publishing Ltd, and seecking young prodigy producers across the globe, South American, Africa, and Asia countries. We aims to cover genres such as Techno, Hard Style, Trance, Minimal, but also Pop, Dance and Radio formatted music.

Any demo submission must be sent to contact[at]d3music[dot]net (No large attachment, but download links, soundcloud preview or equivalent).




Canada Billboard-charted Sexofoniks (Andrew Consoli and Laurent Schark) did it again with this "part 2" release, that all EDM lovers and Djs should get.

It introduces a vocal version by Wes Walls which will grace any big room dancefloor. It also features A-Class remixes from Gucci One, Body Crash, MuntionFIRE, Michael Stakin, and the contest winner Alex Zakii.





DOWNSTREET MUSIC FRESH NEWS : French DJ & producer Stone Willis graces Downstreet Music again with his brand new release.

Even though this past neverending winter brought spring awakening breeze, this sexy deep house release has matured during long winter studio sessions and we hope you will feel the desire of warmer season, ingeniously expressed in this authentic Stone Willis signature sound.

Also featured, an awesome Tschiz (Stone Willis & Legrandmonsieur) remix, finger-licking funky as usual.






Canadian billboard charted Sexofoniks (Andrew Consoli and Laurent Schark) are coming back with this ground breaking project, right on time for the summer. This festival main stage bomb will catch Djs ears from the very first drop. Before you go touring, you must get this banger into your CD case, memory stick, recordbox, or your brand new boombox.

For any remix enquiry, please write to Sexofoniks :
sexofoniks [at] monochrommusic [dot] com




DOWNSTREET MUSIC NEWS : Our in-house producer, dj and label manager Stone Willis does it again, with this fabulous release.

Between soulful and deep house, this funky track is loaded with pure positive energy.

Also contains an amazing "bassy" Tschiz (Stone Willis & Legrandmonsieur) remix, reference to the 90's french touch for the bass, but full of funkiness and soul.

We are very proud of this release, which has been tested and approved.
A Must Have !


DOWNSTREET MUSIC NEWS : We are very happy to present the new French Dj & Producer Stone Willis release, which brings you the underground's finest Deep House music.

Filled with Vintage filtered keyboards, powerful drumline, addictive bass, African feeling vocal, progressive construction, plus an amazing underground Nu Disco remix from Jayco (Sequential Records, Manchester, UK).

If you are a Deep House dj, this release is for you. It will lift the most demanding crowd.

Downstreet Music [DOWNST005]



Sexofoniks is a London-based DJ collective band made of Laurent Schark, Andrew Consoli, JR St-Rose. Their signature sound is highly recognizable and formated electro/house festival, and will turn your dancefloor upside down.
We're not lying, we actually saw it !

You definitely need this single in your dj set tracklisting !

For any remix enquiry, please write to Sexofoniks :
sexofoniks [at] monochrommusic [dot] com





"Into My Life" album is the new Laurent Schark masterpiece, in which you will enjoy a style that marks a new musical production directed by our talented London-based French Dj. Indeed, the finest vocal Electro House music is here, with a unique and authentic Schark signature.

It took a long time to find the right ingredients that are contained in this album. Some tracks, from Laurent 2007 first album "Move On", have been totally reshaped (A Different Day, Movin, My Destination, Boost Up Your Life, etc.). Added to that, brand new songs. You may have listened to the singles such as "The Sun Is Gonna Shine", "Don't Go", or "Get Into My Life", but some are yet to be discovered.

We are very happy and proud to present you this album project, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we have loved to produce it. This marks a big step in Laurent Schark career.

DOWNSTREET MUSIC NEWS : Tschiz are coming back, June 28th 2012, with their brand new single : Slap Me Back !
Includes Dj Troby & Francesco Cofano remixes
Downstreet Music [DOWNST004]


Laurent Schark Feat. Tanino - Get Into My Life [REMIXES]
Remixes by KitSch 2.0, Mathieu Koss, Evan C & Greg Hausmind, Stone Willis, Tschiz.
RELEASE DATE : DEC 5th, 2012
Dominium Recordings [DOMIN005]

Laurent Schark Feat. Tanino - Get Into My Life

Let's go Electro Pop with this 3rd of Laurent Schark single from the forthcoming album "Into My Life". With vocals by "Tanino", and a massive electro bassline, this single will find its place on your radio show or in your club set playlist for sure.
This is certainly the strongest single of his album.

RELEASE DATE : SEPT 21st, 2012
Dominium Recordings [DOMIN004]

Djs Are Our Friends Feat. Jodie Cooper - This Time

Back in 2008, Djs Are Our Friends composed a cover demo from the Donna Summer classic "This Time I Know It's For Real". Here is the final version!
After 4 long years of reconsideration, and work, with the fantastic vocal performance of Jodie Cooper, we are more than happy to present this summer anthem, in radio and club formats.

RELEASE DATE : JULY 23rd, 2012
Dominium Recordings [FKTK007]


Following the April contest, we are happy to present the winning remixes pack of Laurent Schark "Don't Go" single ! Also includes SR Official remix
RELEASE DATE : JULY 15th, 2012
Dominium Recordings [DOMIN003]

Don't Go (If U Want My Love) Mathieu Koss Remix
2 Don't Go (If U Want My Love) SR Remix
3 Don't Go (If U Want My Love) Gustavo Altamirano Remix
4 Don't Go (If U Want My Love) Carlos Rivera Remix
5 Don't Go (If U Want My Love) The French Toys Remix
6 Don't Go (If U Want My Love) Eric Seed Remix

2nd Single (from the Album "Into My Life")
Laurent Schark Feat. Jo Shi - Don't Go (If U Want My Love)
RELEASE DATE : JUNE 21st, 2012
Dominium Recordings [DOMIN002]


DOWNSTREET MUSIC NEWS : Tschiz are coming back, June 28th 2012, with their brand new single : Slap Me Back !
Includes Dj Troby & Francesco Cofano remixes
Downstreet Music [DOWNST003]


Coming on July 5th, the first colaboration between JR Saint-Rose and Laurent Schark. Everywhere will invade your radio and club, this summer.
Funkytronik Music [FKTK006]



TRAXX4FUN is happy to offer this new free release :
Tears for Fears - SHOUT (Shane Ryvs Remix)
Traxx4Fun [TRXF004]

Want get this track ?
Contact us to get your copy now !

Also available on ZipDj.com

Laurent Schark Feat. Geyster - The Sun Is Gonna Shine
Dominium Recordings [DOMIN001]

Includes Danny Wild, and SR Club mixes

Tschiz Feat. Jerome Mr. J - My Answer
Downstreet Music [DOWNST002]
Licensed to Gaga Records

Includes remixes from Luca Zaza & Ugostar